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Create leagues and tournaments with your table tennis app

Start your table tennis league with Pongmasters

Our app is designed to enrich your table tennis experience with your friends. Do you regularly play table tennis together and want to create your own league to find out who is the best player? Then download the Pongmasters app now. Our league feature not only equips you with your own scoring system but also provides various statistics about your gameplay. Furthermore, you can personalize your league and easily arrange meetings using the integrated table tennis map and chat.

Table tennis tournaments for every purpose

n addition to leagues, our platform also offers a functionality for the creation of table tennis tournaments. You can choose between different tournament modes to ensure you have the right format for your purpose. Pongmasters handles everything from pairing the players to creating the tournament brackets. Organizing table tennis tournaments has never been easier! Additionally, our table tennis app provides the opportunity to recruit people from our match finder who are currently looking for a suitable match.

How to find public table tennis tournaments?

If you don't want to host your own tournament but would like to participate in an event near you, we have the perfect solution for you. Through our match finder, you can not only find other players but also discover meetups and tournaments organized by others. Simply click interested or join to inform the organizers that you're joining their event. Additionally, you have the option to ask them questions in the chat.

Give it a try and create leagues and tournaments with the table tennis app Pongmasters!

All that's left for us is to wish you lots of fun for the spring season! If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us at or through our contact form on the website.

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