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Find ping pong tables nearby with Pongmasters!

Map mit Tischtennisplatten in der Nähe

Finding good ping pong tables in your neighbourhood can be a real challenge. Although table tennis is a popular sport, good public tables are often difficult to find and, to make matters worse, are often occupied in good weather. As enthusiastic table tennis players, we have experienced this problem ourselves and decided to find a solution. That's how the table tennis app Pongmasters was born.

Pongmasters makes it easy to find both indoor and outdoor tables near you. Regardless of whether you prefer to play outside or inside, whether you are looking for a lively place and a very contested table or prefer peace and seclusion - our table tennis map shows you all the options in the DACH region at a glance.

Profil von Tischtennisplatte

With Pongmasters, you can not only find tables, but also rate them. We know how important the surface, height and condition of the floor are for an optimal table tennis experience. That's why you can give tables your rating and help other players find the perfect table for their game. But that's not all! You can also add new ping pong tables to the app and help the whole community. So if you have an insider tip for a great table tennis table, share your knowledge with other players.

Pongmasters also offers you the opportunity to find suitable players for your next match. Whether you're a beginner looking for someone to teach you the basics or a more experienced player looking for a challenge, you can find like-minded people quickly and easily with our app.

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