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The idea

The idea

With the table tennis app Pongmasters you can connect with other players, meet them at your favourite ping pong tables, compete against them and collect points to excel in different ranking ladders!  

The in-app map allows you to explore table locations near you. Check the table reviews and pictures posted by other users or post some yourself to find the perfect table location!


Our location-based matchmaking feature suggests opponents at your level within a radius specified by you, who are also looking for new people to play against. You can message them and challenge them to the game!


Compete against other table tennis enthusiasts who like to play your favourite table. You start the match online, play offline and enter the result in the app. The winner collects points and rises in rank. You can play your way up the various ranking lists or simply compete against your friends and finally find out who is the best at your favourite sport. 

Leagues and tournaments

Create leagues and track various stats in your clique! And you don't need pen and paper to organise tournaments with your friends or with new opponents from your neighborhood.

We - the Pongmasters team - regularly organise indoor and outdoor events for the table tennis community. Come by if you want to play or just hang out with other table tennis enthusiasts. More information is available on our Instagram


About us

About us 

We are four passionate amateur table tennis players from Berlin who have made it our mission to digitize our favourite sport. With Pongmasters we want to offer other table tennis enthusiasts a new platform and make a new contribution to the way table tennis is played. Inspired by gaming, we wanted to take the principles of ranking and matchmaking from online games and apply them offline, thus energising the table tennis scene in Germany. If you are interested in our approach and also like the idea of digitalisation of modern amateur sports, please feel free to contact us! We are always interested in other perspectives, new input and cooperation. 

Contact us

Contact us
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