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Know where to play!

As passionate table tennis players, we wanted to fulfil our greatest wish - to see which table nearby is in use, where and when you can join others, and which table is currently free. That's why we have developed an innovative sensor that shows which tables in the area are in play.

PlingPlong detects vibration patterns that are specific for table tennis and relays the information about whether a table is in use to the Pongmasters app. Combined with algorithm-based predictions, it can also provide forecasts on table availability.

Innovative Technology

We often have little free time for our favorite sport. That's why it's incredibly helpful to know where you can start playing as soon as possible - no more wasting time and no more running from table to table!

Promotes efficient time use

With PlingPlong, the same number of tables makes more people happy - groups find an available table faster, and people who want to connect and meet new friends, can find out where to do so more easily.

Strengthens social interactions

We come from the table tennis community, are in constant exchange with players, and want to create added value for everyone with our project. Contact us, if you want to equip your local table with a sensor for you and your friends!


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