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The winter season 23/24 is here! This time, the top 10 on the leaderboard as well as the winners of selected statistics will receive prizes from our partners Toucan and Ping Pong People. Our motto is “fair play” - our partners are committed to the fair and sustainable manufacturing of their products. So you can not only win cool table tennis goodies, but also support a good cause.

1st place

Hoodie Racket 2.jpg
Hoodie Racket
Ping Pong People
The Bag 2.jpg
The Bag

4th and 5th place

The Orange Bat.jpg
The Orange/Blue Bat
T-Shirt Racket.jpg
T-Shirt Racket
Ping Pong People

2nd and 3rd place

The Timmy Tee.jpg
The Timmy Tee
Classic Unisex Cap.jpg
Classic Unisex Cap
Ping Pong People

6th-10th place

Classic Socks.jpg
Classic Socks
Ping Pong People
The Balls.jpg
The Balls

Most opponents

Group 8945.png

Most locations

Group 8945.png
The rules are very simple:
  1. Enter the outcome of your matches as usual in the app. Every game you play until the end of the season will affect your season ranking. Your season score is temporary and only lasts for the duration of the season. All players start at 400 points, regardless of their global score.
  2. ​Winning against high-scoring players gives you the most points. Keep in mind that it's easier to climb the leaderboard when you're playing against different opponents.
  3. The first 10 on the season leaderboard will win prizes. Winners of selected season statistics will also recieve additional prizes. We will announce these soon.
We wish you lots of success and fun this season!

And don't forget to check out our partners:
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